Work to Entertain


Work to Entertain


Interested in a Career at Basebone?

We believe that being passionate is essential to success, only then will you be prepared to put in what it takes to get to where you want to be.

Proactive Application

Nothing for you yet, surprise us.
Always looking for new people, perspectives and experiences.

Helping You Along The Way

Procedures and phases

Let us know you are excited and interested!

Our recruiters will schedule a call to learn more about you.

Time to arrange an interview either via video call or onsite with HR and the vacant position Line Manager.

As well as technical skills (interview feedback and scores, your resume, references or any work samples you submitted), your attitude will be valued together with your capacity to embrace the Basebone spirit.

If you get selected, the Hiring Manager will contact you to offer the job. If this not the case, we will inform you anyway of the final decision and keep your details for further recruitment process.

Feel part of the Basebone Family even before starting with HR making sure everything runs smoothly through the on-boarding process.

How to stand out

It is the first piece of information we will see about you, so highlight your achievements.

Give us a brief summary of who you are, what you do and why you would be a perfect candidate.

Prepare answers that highlight your strengths through behavioural, hypothetical or case-based questions.

We like proactivity. Feel free to interview us, too. It is also your opportunity to learn more about the work, team and culture that will help you decide whether the job will be right for you.

Make sure you take your time to evaluate not only the offer but also your career progression path and personal development.

Embrace the spirit of “only forward”!


The dress code at Basebone is office casual. Do not hesitate to ask HR for further clarification.

Sometimes we do to help us to better understand the candidate profile but in any case we will inform you in advance.

Interviews for technical positions might include some practical task evaluation.

We recommend narrowing your choices down to a few positions that truly match your skills, experience and interests.

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