We believe that effective teamwork is what makes organizations succeed.

Rocio and Jorge, members of our media buying team, are committed to their work not only as individuals but also as a team in order for them to succeed as one. Respect, collaboration, boldness and playfulness lead the growth of our team under a common spirit of “only forward”. We are aiming to show that our people are our best assets, people that have the “can do” attitude.


Short Introductions about yourself

Rocío: People find me to be a self-motivated team player. For the last 5 years I have been a Media Buyer in the Mobile Industry. My work experience includes Mobile display networks, platforms, Dsps and programmatic buying platforms, including real-time bidding.

Extremely data-driven and detail-oriented are my main skills.


Jorge: I’m a physicist driven into the mobile marketing world, who’s been trying to apply some science to a chaotic scenario for almost five years. I always try to find ways to help my teammates, either creating some useful tools, supporting them during the workflow if necessary or simply making a joke to lift the mood.

I firmly believe that the common achievements will get us further than any personal goal, and that’s something I feel in the core of Basebones beliefs.


The role of Media Buyer in Basebone

Rocío: To be part of the Media Buying team at Basebone, it is essential to be able to adapt and be flexible in order to achieve goals on daily basis. The role consists of:

  • Planning and execution of digital marketing actions;
  • Set up, optimize and report digital mobile advertising campaigns to ensure the highest performance;
  • Monitor daily results and improve KPIs performance;
  • Have strong organizational, analytical and communications skills.

Jorge: Coming from an Ad Network to an Advertiser that manages everything of their own product opens a lot of possibilities, when at the same time, closes others. Analysis to the finest detail comes to be a must, while getting information on the status first hand and being able to influence the product itself creates a better understanding of the whole system.


Describe the main skills you have developed at Basebone so far

Rocío: It’s difficult to point out a few because in the year that I’ve been working at Basebone, I have developed so many skills. Maybe I would highlight the ability to assimilate large amounts of information. I find myself to be curious person who is always asking questions like “why” and “how” constantly generating a thirst of knowledge. On the other hand,  I have learnt to see my past working experience in a “new light”, with a different perspective from direct Advertiser side, and apply this knowledge to my current position.


Jorge: More than a skill, what I value more is that now I understand better how the product, billing, and users work, from the users using their phones to the call center helping subscribers.

On top of that, the close communication with other departments is something that I have reinforced, becoming super important when working from so many different locations.


Tell us about your biggest challenge at Basebone

Rocío: My biggest challenge was when I first started at Basebone. My main goal was to build and develop a solid Network/DSPs structure. After one year we can say that now a DSPs Department exists and is reaching an interesting volume of market each month, with more than 20 Networks/Platform/Dsps integrated aligned with the overall company strategy.


Jorge: I agree with Rocio that creating the structure has been something that has taken a lot of effort. Not only on our workflow, but working on ways to communicate with the other departments fluently and being able to request/provide information or assets quickly.


Few words from their manager Maite Campos; The best achievement from this team is the creation of our DSP/Network area for the MB department from zero. The team has worked closely together to deliver the platforms, tools & solutions.