Our leadership skills with Maite Campos,  Advertising Department Manager 

We believe that effective teamwork is what makes organizations succeed.

Maite Campos our Advertising Department Manager is very committed to her work. Respect, collaboration, boldness and playfulness lead the growth of our team under a common spirit of “only forward”. We are aiming to show that our people are our best assets, people that have the “can do” attitude.

Short Introductions about yourself

I am Maite Campos, Head of Advertising at Basebone. I have spent the past 7 years with Basebone, and have 14 years total experience across the online marketing space. During this time I have worked across  many areas, such as SEO, SEM, copywriting, strategic planning, Affiliation, and now Managing and leading a department.

My career in Basebone has evolved enormously and I am very grateful the company has trusted in me to progress my career in this way.  I started working as Jr account manager knowing nothing about Account managing and the VAS sector, I have occupied the position of Key Account Manager, Head of Affiliation and now, Head of Advertising, managing three departments: Managed Accounts, the old Affiliation team, Media Buying and Creative.


The role of Head of Advertising in Basebone

In theory or if we were in an ideal world, the Head of the Department’s main task would be to align the leadership/company goals within the department for each member to know what is expected from them and help them to reach their goals by enabling the necessary tools, unlocking problems, etc.

In reality, the role encompasses many different elements, and agility is key, allowing us to change the direction quickly, ensuring that we can react and adapt quickly to achieve goals.


Describe the main skills you have developed at Basebone so far

As a manager, I think you need to listen to what your team says, also why and how they say it, where the comment is coming from to understand the situation and help them to think and find the solution or the cause of it to solve it and learn from it.

By applying this method,  if it is a mistake or an issue that happens often, they will be able to solve it by themselves the next time.


Tell us about your biggest challenge at Basebone

Train people, Basebone was growing so quickly that we needed to hire people really fast, so we committed to hiring non-experienced people and train them. It was people from different cultures, different knowledge and experience, with the challenge being the ability to  adapt the training and explanations to each person when at the same time they all shared the same goal.


Main skills that a manager needs

Ability to listen, but active listen not just hearing.

Being flexible with the team, so the team will be flexible in return.

Create a trusted team.

Delegate and recognise areas where you are weak and surround yourself with people that are good in that area to create a strong team.

Enable a security environment where people are allowed to fail, so they can learn from that mistake.

Forecast possible scenarios to be able for a quick reaction if the plan A fails.