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Workout to tone the shouldersWorkout to build a strong chestArms & shoulders exercisesBeginner leg dayBuild your back muscleBuild your chest with 3 exercisesUpper body exercisesFull arm muscleExercises for your arms
Back workoutIntense arms workoutIntense shoulder exercisesFull body exercisesKiller chest & backLower bodyWorkout to crush your coreStreching exercises The legs routineUltimate leg dayThe perfect pec workoutTone your shoulders
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Prioritise Your Health with Personalised Workouts!

50+ Amazing workouts and programs and professional videos.
Focus on training at home with minimal equipment.

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Online Workouts

Connect with Your Inner Athlete

Our proprietary system of workouts has all the benefits of a video-guided workout with the added benefit of personalised intensity. With our intuitive navigation, fitness enthusiasts can fully engage in a dynamic digital fitness experience, offering seamless exploration and interaction with a diverse array of workouts and resources.

Enter a New World with Baseplay

An all-in-one unlike any other. Four high-value services covering education, entertainment, gaming and fitness in a familiar yet innovative interface.

Redefining Fitness

Power Up Your Lifestyle While Enjoying It!

Baseplay fitness app

Fitness Apps

Pick and choose from a wide range of strength, sculpting and circuit apps so you can practice on the go.

Body Part Training

Body part training, body sculpting: reshape, strengthen, and transform your desired areas. Discover the power of targeted workouts and personalised fitness plans to achieve your desired transformation.


Our workout platform allows for a full guided experience in over 15 languages. As the platform grows more workouts and more languages are added not only to the new workouts but to all workouts.

What Baseplay Users Say

Take a look at what our users have to say. Uncover inspiring journeys and experiences.

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“Awesome. A great selection and unlimited shows. I really love it”

George Peter

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“I love this app, it tought me a lot.”

Sarah Maseru

South Africa
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“Great mobile client works really well. The best feature in my opinion is allowing you to use it in 4 devices at the same time.”

Kevin Richards

Star iconStar iconStar iconStar iconStar icon

“Die PC Spiele und Online Kurse können sich sehen lassen, Preis-Leistung ist in Ordnung. Bein den Filmen muss ich mich noch umschauen. Handhabung hervorragend!”

Tim Stöhr

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